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At Amplus Magnus Optus LLC, or AMO,, we provide comprehensive Business Development Consulting services to help individuals and organizations seize innovation opportunities and overcome the roadblocks they encounter. Our approach is guided by conscious focus, emotional frequency, and physical effort to deliver exceptional results. Through carefully cultivated partnerships, we offer unique solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients, ensuring their success and growth.


Comprehensive business development for serious business owners and entrepreneures. It is simple, we help individuals and organizations seize innovation opportunities and overcome the roadblocks they encounter.

Lets Find The Right Voice

We believe that words have power, and we choose to focus on “innovation opportunities” rather than “problems.”

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Innovation Opprotunities

We envision a world full of possibilities, and our mission is to work together with our clients to make it more beautiful.

We all face road-blocks. Lets explore solutions together!

In our experience, many individuals and businesses face simple roadblocks that often stem from a lack of familiarity with uncharted territory. This is where we come in, acting as a trusted partner and a second mind to help bridge the gap between brilliant ideas and practical execution. We understand that having a great vision or passion is only the first step. Translating those aspirations into actionable plans and tangible results requires careful strategizing and thoughtful guidance.


“David and his team have a natural ability to solve problems, and make sense of everything! By following their relational sales model we increased our business model by 5 new clients in the first 20 days of using the strategy and sales process. “

Christopher Lengyel

LHS Consulting INC

“Launching a business was challenging. David made it a walk in the park. Sometimes a different perspective is all we need to move forward. That is exactly what AMO has done for us.”

Jen Beardsly

H&M Solutions

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